A New Opportunity for Crook County Families

May 6th, 2016

Written by Hollie Conger



April was an exciting month for Crook County. About 20 local Latino families were the first to begin the new six-week OSU Juntos workshop. For Melissa Terrazas, participating in OSU Juntos is an opportunity to learn about college finances, earning college credit in the summer, internships, and most importantly, making education a family goal. Terrazas is a student at Crook County High School who can't wait to go to college and study law.


In an interview with Central Oregonian last week, Melissa’s mother, Maria Terrazas, shared her appreciation for the program. “It’s giving her [Melissa] more knowledge of what is getting offered to Hispanics and what’s going on with them in school,” Terrazas said.


Community partners are seeing the program's impact and many are reaching out to offer support. Better Together, a community movement that focuses on empowering Central Oregon students, provided a grant that funded the spring Juntos session. Facebook Local Community Action Grant awarded OSU Juntos with a $6,600 grant that will fund the fall session. Even local businesses are stepping up to offer support. The owners of Mazatlan Mexican Restaurant have generously contributed catered meals for the family sessions.


Juntos parents can’t say enough about the new program. “I’m thankful for them coming to Prineville and giving parents the knowledge of what’s being offered the kids, and what to do to take the next step on to college, ” said Terrazas. “We haven’t had that opportunity until Juntos came.”