Aviation Day in Grant County

June 4th, 2019

Earlier this June, more than 60 students from all around Grant County were welcomed to the Grant County Regional Airport in John Day. The goal of this trip was to mainly introduce students to more unconventional careers in the field, and to showcase the airport itself.

 The 5th and 6th grade students came from Humbolt Elementary School, Dayville High School, Prairie City School, and four  different homeschools to attend 5 morning and 5 afternoon interactive learning sessions. These informational sessions were centered around careers in aviation. These sessions were held by local volunteers from Oregon's Department of Aviation and from the county airport.

Kathy Stinnett, Bob Bagett, and Doug Ferguson, who are all members of Grant County Air Search taught the students about a variety of topics; inculding general aviation, labeling and safety on runways, and some of the different organizations that they are part of. After the discussions on safety during air travel, the students earned their very own "wings" in the form of pins.

Additionally, there was one flight attendant from Southwest who touched on her experience, and Ashley Armichardy from Blue Mountain Community College who spoke to the students about college readiness.  

This excursion would not have been possible without the work of Didgette McCracken from OSU Open Campus, the folks at the Grant County Regional Airport, local schools, and all of the volunteers. Thank you, everyone!


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