Building a Bridge to Success

March 4th, 2016

Written by Hollie CongerA significant component of the Juntos program is helping students transition from high school to college, and teaching them how to build the bridge to get there. Culver's Juntos program shares the necessary steps to build the bridge that starts with family and community involvement.


At Juntos family sessions, families have to work together to create an actual bridge using teamwork, creativity, and ingenuity. Each team selects a captain who is responsible for gathering team materials. No rules are given, except one - the team must work together to build a bridge in the ten minutes that can support a pile of books.

After testing the strength of the bridges, groups found that it was more about teamwork than anything else. Even the teams with less materials were able to build a bridge equally as strong if they worked together. This metaphorical activity demonstrates the power of working together, and that through community and family support, students can accomplish their goals.

“All we had was cardboard and ribbon, but we didn’t give up and our bridge was still successful.”

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