Career and College Readiness: Grant County STEM Students

May 15th, 2017

Written by Becky Munn

Grant County STEM students visiting COCC Crook County open campus in Prineville.

On March 17 2017, we had an event with OSU Open Campus, Grant County STEM students, COCC Prineville and OSU SNAP Ed partnering to bring a college campus visit to Prineville. The students went on to visit the COCC Redmond and COCC Bend campuses.

STEM Students taking part in Career & College Readiness.

Shanna Northway, Assistant Professor (Practice), 4-H Youth Development, Agricultural Science, brought 25 students from Grant County to visit our COCC Crook County Open Campus in Prineville. Shanna received a $28,000 ODE state grant from STEM Beyond Schools. She is focusing on 4-6th graders for Career & College Readiness and exposing them to colleges campuses and career options. Shanna says that her students, being very remotely located, don’t understand what is available to them. So often, come high school, because they haven’t been exposed to options, take the first one presented to them and it might not always be the best fit. Her goal for the trip was to visit a branch campus to show them smaller locations in smaller towns that might be a really good fit for that live in eastern rural Oregon.

The visit included a tour of the campus and time in the kitchen. Olivia Davis and Sandy Boley, of SNAP Ed, taught the kids about healthy drinks with a turn on the Smoothie Bike. The students made green smoothies for St. Patrick’s Day!

Students taking turns on the smoothie bike.