Q: What types of programs does Open Campus offer?

A: Programming depends on the area, community needs, and partner involvement. Programs can be based on existing programs from across the University, or they could be individually customized and built- based on community needs. Typically, our programs are designed around our three goals: Community & Economic Development, College Readiness and Degree Completion. Some examples are: Juntos, Recipe to Market, college-visitation trips, etc.


Q: How do you decide which programs are offered?

A: Typically an assessment is done in each region to help us develop a program tailored to the specific needs. Education councils or Regional Achievement Collaboratives (RACs) help Open Campus coordinators prioritize needs and give valuable input. Additionally, most open campus programs require a community partnership or match of money or time.


Q: Can we co-develop programs?

A: Absolutely! Each individual Education Coordinator has the flexibility to prioritize community needs and develop programing that addresses those needs.


Q: Is Open Campus a satellite OSU campus in our community?

A: No, Open Campus is not a satellite OSU campus but we are able to offer many of the resources you would find on an OSU campus, including non-credit
and credit classes and programs.