Intentions to Actions: Impacting Our Latino Youth

March 9th, 2017

Only one week into this year's OSU Juntos CREATE Campaign and we've already received a great response! Throughout the fundraising campaign, we like to share how your donations directly impact Oregon communities and student success. Today, our Statewide Coordinator, Ana Gomez, talks about her Juntos journey and how it has impacted her life from day one.



"I believe in the power of all of us coming together to move from intentions to actions, impacting the life of our Latino youth.


Five years ago, OSU Open Campus, an amazing school principal, a high school teacher, the school community liaison and I volunteered to pilot the first Juntos session for a small group of families in Madras, Oregon.


Those were my first months in the USA. I was full of dreams and fears. As immigrants, there is no way to be prepared for what comes as soon as we leave our families behind, as soon as we embrace a new language, a new culture. The Latino families adopted me and taught me. They were the group that I was supposed to mentor, and I ended up being the student.


The families gave us the gift of genuine friendship, and also the power to learn about our privilege. We grew from 3 to 4, from 4 to 16 members, from one community to 2, 3, 4...and we continued supporting parents and students across the state. Today, Juntos is in 20 Oregon communities, and the dream belongs to more than 2,000 people, a team of 40 facilitators and 8 coordinators. I can't believe that we started just a few years ago and now our kids are high school graduates, college students, and some of them professionals!


Juntos is hope, a family, a journey, a gift."  Ana Gomez



Thanks to the past two CREATE campaigns, we’ve been able to grow from 8 to 20 Juntos sites across Oregon, with:

  • A 100% graduation rate
  • A 93% college-going rate
  • 2000 students that have completed the program


Donate today to help us continue this trajectory and support the Juntos sites in your community!