Juntos: Our Stories with Adriana

May 11th, 2015

Meet Adriana, Juntos Mom!

First Story for Campaine

I had noticed that many Latinos who come to this country don’t go to college. I thought that they couldn’t go. As parents, we didn’t have that chance either when we were younger. But now we see that it is a possibility for our kids. I want Latinos to realize that they can study and have the same career opportunities. Before Juntos, I didn’t know how to help my son. I didn’t have the right information on his progress in school, who to talk to with questions, nothing. With Juntos, I now understand that my son could get to a university. I know how to help him. To me, college means a better future for my children; they can study and a have a better career. We as parents didn’t have that chance. I want my kids to keep their Latino culture and customs. I know that they can go to college and keep their identity at the same time. Juntos helps because the whole family, the whole community can get involved. Everyone at the school and in the family can work together to help kids catch up when they’re behind, and to work at their goals. It’s even helped me as a parent. I keep volunteering for Juntos because my son must know that you have to get involved when you want good things to happen.

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