Latinx Voices

March 14th, 2017

This past weekend began the groundwork for a new Open Campus project: a module designed to offer a virtual resource for a state and national Latino audience. The three components of the virtual module will include videography, info-graphics, and an interactive element.


Seven OSU families spent the weekend in the HJ Andrews Forest to begin the first part of the module – an informational, inspiring, and culturally relevant video. The video component will consist of multiple interviews of OSU faculty, students, and community members, exploring themes related to Latino (Latinx) identity.


During their time together last weekend, families shared stories relating to Latinx identity and participated in individual and group interviews. Some of the kids even participated! Rich dinner conversations followed as the group celebrated one of the most powerful cultural elements – food. The families wrapped up the evening with music around an open fire.


Ana Gomez, the project leader, says that her hope is to bring in many more faculty and student voices as the project progresses. "The vision for this project is to present more personal testimonies of Latinos and bring about inspiration for future collaboration," she said.


The project will be available to the general public in October of 2017. For more information or to get involved, contact Ana Gomez at or 541.999.8462.