Leading Coastal Communities by Storm

April 1st, 2016

Written by  Hollie CongerFamous for its scenic overlooks and marine landscapes, the Oregon Coast is beloved by many. But there is another coastal favorite that has been stealing the show; Oregon Coast families continue to benefit from the work of Open Campus' Juntos. Much of the program's success can be credited to the passionate coordinators who work hard to meet the needs of their communities.


One such coordinator is Maydra Valencia, Juntos Coordinator for the Oregon Coast. Maydra was raised in Tillamook County since 1997, where she graduated from Tillamook High School in 2009. She then chose a path in higher education where she received a bachelor’s degree in Spanish with a minor in Studio Art.  As the first in her family to receive a bachelor’s degree, Maydra takes pride in being the first of her family but not the last. She began her career with Oregon State University in March of 2015 with the Juntos program. She is currently now the Juntos Coordinator for coastal communities.


Maydra is currently working on her master’s degree from Oregon State University in Adult Education. She has always wanted to be a teacher and has found that she loves the Open Campus program as a method for empowering and connecting with youth.


Maydra attributes a significant part of her journey's success to her own life challenges involved in being the first to attend college. As a first generation college student with no understanding of how to go about accessing higher education, Maydra's mother and father were incredibly supportive, but also unaware of the process. Maydra did everything she could to reach her goal of attending a university, and it was not easy. Maydra's passion for the Juntos program is tied into her first-hand experience of having to overcome obstacles and unknowns to achieve her college education. After living this experience, Maydra can be confident that she is helping not only students understand the college preparedness process, but she is helping parents as well.


Live in a coastal community and want to learn how to get involved in a Juntos program? Contact Maydra at 503-842-3433 or Maydra.Valencia@oregonstate.edu.