Middle School Enrichment Activities/Day Camps

August 15th, 2017

Hayden Bush

The new Partners for Rural Innovation Building in Tillamook, home of OSU Extension and Open Campus, has been bustling this July.  That’s because dozens of kids have graced the halls of the building for several exciting and educational day camps.Among these camps was the Middle School Enrichment Series, a collaboration between community need, Tillamook County 4-H, and Open Campus.

True to the nature of Extension, a community member shared the need for educational middle school events in the summer because our community really didn’t offer much.  With that idea in mind, Amy Schmid, Tillamook County Extension’s Administrative Programs Specialist, collaborated with community members and Tillamook County’s OSU Open Campus team to organize the month long series.  Topics ranged from learning how to cook for yourself, to lessons in creative dramatics.  The program was set up to offer enrollment incentives for students who enrolled in more than one event.

The Middle School Enrichment Series served students well in its inaugural year.  As always, changes will be made to the program, including expanding offerings and topic areas.  It is our hope that we use this program to continually address the needs and desires of our rural community.