Never Too Late for Education

May 13th, 2016

Written by Hollie CongerFor Tillamook families, education isn’t something that should be approached alone. Juntos parents are passionate about the success of their children, and they know that there is no better way to teach about the importance of education than to live it out themselves.


Tillamook Bay Community College (TBCC) has partnered with OSU Juntos and parents to design a GED class for Spanish speaking parents. Adult learners can now prepare for the GED at TBCC, which offers classes at a time that fits with families’ needs.

Oregon Coast Coordinator, Maydra Valencia, is excited to see how the program is already changing lives for many parents. “Out of 18 students enrolled in the GED class, 14 have been involved in the Juntos program with their children and high school students,” she said. “This class has become a need-to-do for Latinos seeking to obtain a GED.”


Working together toward individual goals is shaping the way students see education. “For Tillamook County, one of the most vital messages is that it is never too late to be educated,” said Valencia. “Barriers are hard, but when you expect your child to continue their education you should do the same for yourself.”

Tillamook Juntos wants to thank everyone who has helped make the program possible for parents. “Tillamook Bay Community College has been a great support over the past 2 years,” said Valencia. “And we are certain they will continue to do so in order to help our Latino community succeed in reaching their education goals.”


Want to learn more about Tillamook’s adult GED programs, contact Maydra Valencia at 503-842-3433 or