Scholarship Awardees in Jefferson County

October 13th, 2016

Written by Hollie Conger


The Juntos team in Jefferson County is passionate about creating opportunities that can contribute to student success. Jefferson County Open Campus Coordinator, Jennifer Oppenlander, had a dream to award scholarships to high achieving students from the Madras and Culver Juntos cohorts. Thanks to community partners and local support, the dream became a reality and three students were awarded scholarships upon graduation. Scholarship applicants were required to maintain a minimum of a 2.8 GPA, be a Juntos participant for at least two years, volunteer time helping with community service, and attend an education program after graduation. This was the first time students were given the opportunity to receive a scholarship from Juntos.


Meet the Scholarship Awardees!



Arlene Olivera

As a member of the first Juntos cohort in Culver, Arlene was able to take what she learned and help families in numerous other workshops. She received incredible support from her family throughout her high school experience and pursuit of  higher education as a first-generation college student. Arlene was awarded the Ford Family Scholarship and began college at Oregon Institute of Technology where she is studying radiology.




Analy Diaz Calderon

Family, community, and helping others are all passions of Analy. From 9th - 12th grade, Analy participated in the Juntos program at Madras High School where she attended Juntos workshops with her family and also volunteered any chance she could. From day one at Juntos, Analy knew she wanted to go college - she desired to make her family proud and set an example for her younger siblings. Analy began her studies this fall at Mount Hood Community College.




Ingrid Sanchez

Starting Juntos her freshman year, Ingrid learned quickly that she wanted to become a leader for Juntos and her community. Ingrid's passion, energy, and generosity with others was apparent during her internship with OSU Open Campus and as a Juntos club leader. Ingrid is attending Central Oregon Community College and aspires to be a teacher. She has been hired to be part of the year-long AmeriCorps VISTA program where she is helping to develop the Kids Club teen program in Jefferson County.

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