Students Succeed with TBCC and Open Campus Partnership

May 10th, 2017

Written by Hayden Bush - Open Campus Education Coordinator, Tillamook

At Tillamook Bay Community College, you will find determined students focused on obtaining their life goals and working hard to do so. Working as the OSU Open Campus Education Coordinator, I have the distinct honor to assist students in shaping their lives every day. Specifically, a large part of my Open Campus duties is to coordinate the college’s Agriculture and Natural Resources Program. My hope is that those who come through my door, whether it be my classroom or office, leave with such knowledge, skill, or ideas to help make their lives as college students more rewarding. Each student has a different upbringing, a different story, and different goals. Three students in the TBCC Agriculture and Natural Resources Program are highlighted in this article; each with different ideas on where they are heading.

Chris Scott textures soil as a lab assignment in SOIL 205

Chris Scott is a military veteran, having served his country two times in Iraq and once in Afghanistan. He came to Tillamook after being offered a job at a science-based aviation company, but began seking education, and TBCC’s Agriculture and Natural Resources Program fit his desire well. Chris' focus on not only learning agricultural and natural processes, but truly understanding the processes and the reasoning behind them, makes him particularly well-suited for a career in the field of agriculture and natural resources. Recently, law enforcement has become an area that he is pursuing, but if this doesn’t work out, Mr. Scott will transfer to OSU and focus on Forest Management.

Jeanie Christensen returned to school after working in the private industry for many years. She worked with the local YMCA before moving on to work at the local farm store. Her ambition is to move up to the managerial position, so she returned to school to obtain her AAS in order to meet the degree requirement for the promotion. She brings with her a true willingness to work hard to learn, while holding down a full-time job in the day time. Jeannie is constantly looking for the next challenge and works hard to overcome any obstacle that comes her way.

TBCC is full of diverse students that are eager to learn. It is a pleasure to work with these students on a daily basis. Whether its career advising, college advising, tutoring, or helping to find resources to assist students and community members outside of the classroom, the members of this county amaze me with their drive to work hard and achieve their goals. It is truly an honor to work with the Tillamook community to achieve college and career readiness, completion of degrees and training, and economic viability.