Summer Fun in Central Oregon with Jefferson County Juntos Students!

August 17th, 2017

By Emma Hoke,


Summer is a time to have fun, experience new things, and take a break from the normal day to day routine of the school year. For the JUNTOS students of Jefferson County, summer has been exactly that. Almost every week since the middle of June, Jefferson County JUNTOS students have had the opportunity to participate in an wide range of events that promote higher education and career readiness. These events have been provoking, challenging, and most of all fun for the students!

One of these many events was a day at Volunteers in Medicine, where students were able to experience a hands on learning opportunity in relation to the medical field. Students were able to give shots, examine a real cow heart, and learn how they could potentially apply their language skills in a career. The following week JUNTOS students got to attend a trip to the Portland Art Institute. During this trip, they were able to explore art as a future career option. Students also took part in Diagnosis Day at St. Charles, which was also a  great experience for the students. They got to experience how the hospital operates and learn about future opportunities in the medical field. The students were presented with a scenario in which they got to play the roles of emergency responders. They had to assess and give treatment to a functioning doll. This was a challenging task and the students seemed to light up at the opportunity to “save lives.” Jefferson County also had a bike workshop, where students learned how to fix their own bikes. At the end of the workshop they got to take a bike home, which for many students was an awesome surprise. Jefferson County JUNTOS students are ambitious about giving back to the great community that supports them, so they have been participating in various community service activities in Jefferson County, like running a booth for kids at the fair and doing activities at the local park.

These summer activities have promoted an immense amount of growth in the minds of the JUNTOS students. They are seeing new career and education possibilities and are setting their own goals around these experiences. It’s a great summer for Jefferson County JUNTOS!