Personal Growth and Family Empowerment

March 18th, 2016

Written by Open Campus Coordinator, José Garcia


In the past few weeks, Juntos in Yamhill has begun its first two middle school Juntos cohorts at Patton and Duniway middle schools. These two groups have already shared tons of positive feedback about how they see this program making a positive difference in their families already!


One family who has shared their appreciation for the Juntos program is the Paloblanco family from Duniway Middle School (pictured above). The Paloblancos are a family of 8 - a 9th grader, an 8th grader, a 7th grader, 4th grade twins, and a kindergartener. Every week they express their excitement for the program. They bring a lot of enthusiasm to our weekly sessions, and ask great questions during our discussions. The Paloblanco family also happen to be big Beaver fans and are super excited to visit the OSU campus in April. They have even worn all of their Beaver gear to some of our meetings, and the younger ones love our beaver stickers!


IMG_3337Meanwhile, in Dayton they have their second cohort in progress and we are seeing students and parents from their first cohort return to help. A couple of students have volunteered to help with the childcare, and for the first time one of the Juntos moms, Mrs. Cortés, has taken lead by presenting a portion of the third session for the second cohort. She has said she would like to learn more and help with future presentations, even though it makes her somewhat nervous to stand in front of everyone and lead the presentation. She has accepted this challenge and has demonstrated eagerness to learn and grow from it. And that’s what Juntos is all about!