Supporting and guiding access to higher education, degree completion and career attainment for communities of color.

Building a path to college starts early – and is complex. Staying on the path takes a team. ACCESS OSU is a new program dedicated to developing long-lasting relationships with students and families of color in the Portland metro area. Through consistent engagement and culturally relevant, family-oriented programming—co-designed with families and communities—ACCESS OSU will create greater opportunity for students of color in the Oregon education system. ACCESS OSU’s role does not end with enrollment. The program will continue offering robust services post-OSU enrollment to nurture a welcoming, safe and secure environment, enrich the learning experience and support successful student transitions at Oregon State University. We are confident this approach will lead to future student mentors and lifelong OSU supporters.


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College Access Support

Increase college access support, enrollment and bachelor degree completion for African American/ Black, Native/Indigenous/Pacific Islander and Hispanic/Latino students from the Portland metro area (Multnomah, Washington and Clackamas counties).

Community Partnerships

Enhance partnerships, support, and alignment with community organizations.

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Cultural Awareness

Create a program that is culturally aware and attends to the individual needs of each community, beginning as early as the fourth grade.

K-12 Partnerships

Build and deepen relationships with the K-12 education system.

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Change Perception

Positively change the perception of Oregon State University as a preferred choice for higher education.

Leverage Existing Programs

Leverage existing programs and improve collaboration between Extension and Engagement (4-H, Open Campus and Juntos and Outdoor School), Student Affairs (including TRiO/SSS, CAMP, HEP and EOP), the Office of Institutional Diversity, University Housing & Dining Services and Enrollment Management (Admissions, Transfer Office).




ACCESS OSU is a significantly-expanded collaborative by Oregon State University in the Portland Metro area, co-developed and supported by the Division of Extension and Engagement, the Division of Student Affairs, and the Office of Institutional Diversity.




Top Deliverables:



Implement a CRM to understand, track and communicate with program participants.



Conduct a market analysis of community perceptions of OSU.



Develop an asset map of people, programs, money and facilities to understand what is needed going forward to support the success of the program.



Hire ACCESS OSU team to be based at OSU Portland.


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