Oregon’s First Tech Trek

We had a great week at Oregon’s first Tech Trek camp here in Tillamook at Tillamook Bay Community College! Tech Trek is a nationwide science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) camp for 8th grade girls that we brought to Tillamook through a start-up grant from the American Association of University Women (AAUW).

Juntos: Our Stories with Inés

I remember before my oldest son started high school. He would ask me, “Mom, do you think I can do it?” I would say, “I believe you can, but it’s not important for me to think you can. It’s important for you to think you can.”

Juntos: Our Stories with Adriana

I had noticed that many Latinos who come to this country don’t go to college. I thought that they couldn’t go. As parents, we didn’t have that chance either when we were younger. But now we see that it is a possibility for our kids.

Juntos: Our Stories with Garrett

Juntos and its partner groups Together and Papalaxsimisha have proven to be wonderful opportunities for families to get together and connect. It is an amazing experience to talk to families and establish positive routines that assist with bringing their learners a high school diploma and a plan for the future.

Juntos: Our Stories with Josh Rodrigues, Juntos Participant

I knew 100% that I would not pass high school when I was in middle school. My grades were terrible. I didn’t really know what to do about it. Then I started 9th grade, and my grades were still bad. College was definitely an uncertainty. That’s when my family heard that Juntos was starting. I … Continued

Juntos: Our Stories with Irma Valerio

Doing Juntos was like getting the key to open a locked door. After our first Juntos session, we became closer as a family. My husband talks so much more with our kids about their education. A big reason was that it was in Spanish which is more convenient for us parents.

Juntos: Our Stories with Rosa

Education is how we create the safe communities with good citizens that we all want to live in. I will do whatever I can to help promote that.

Juntos: Our Stories with Ana

Ana “Juntos Mom” and facilitator My family started Juntos three years ago when my son was a freshman. We were one of the first families. Before, I had a vague idea that I wanted my son to graduate with good grades just like every other mom, but I didn’t feel confident to go to the … Continued