Juntos: Our Stories with Salma

Since we did Juntos, I have noticed that my whole family is working a lot more lately, like studying in their rooms. We talk a lot more to each other about our future goals.

Juntos: Our Stories with Denise

I was the first person in my family to go to college. I didn’t go right after high school. I didn’t know anything about scholarships, or how to get support for further education. I had to figure out so much alone. That’s why Juntos is so important to me – you don’t have to negotiate the college experience alone!

Juntos: Our Stories with Antonia

Now, these kids are saying college is possible. It gives them hope. They don’t have to be left out of society any longer. My own daughter observes other young people making poor decisions, and she’ll say, “They need to go to Juntos!” It’s changing the mindset of this generation.

Juntos: Our Stories with Scott

Meet Scott, Juntos student, high school graduate, and College Advanced Diploma student “You have to go to college.” Before doing Juntos, my parents were pretty strict about saying that because they didn’t have that opportunity, and they wanted better for us. But, they didn’t know any specifics beyond “go to college.” Now, it’s no longer … Continued

Juntos: Our Stories with Dan

“Every young person deserves an equal opportunity to reach their potential and achieve their dreams, and Juntos is passionately dedicated to providing those opportunities. What a wonderful thing.”

Tillamook Juntos: Our Stories

Just about a month ago, Nancy submitted her application to attend OSU. Nancy plans to study to be a teacher and will be the first in her family to attend college. But she won’t be the last–Nancy is the oldest of 4 siblings who are all also part of our Juntos community. Juntos is designed … Continued

Juntos in the Gorge!

“Juntos” (pronounced who n toes) is Spanish for “Together”. On October 30th, The Dalles Middle School students and their parents gathered together with a team of program organizers representing OSU Open Campus and Extension, Columbia Gorge Community College, North Wasco County School District and the Columbia Gorge ESD for an evening of community building and information sharing.

Reaching Latino Students and Their Families

Across Oregon educational providers are working together to improve high school graduation rates, which are among the lowest in the country. Schools in rural Oregon communities struggle more than others, and Latino student gradation rates are significantly lower than rates of other student populations.

Improving Student Success in Rural Oregon

This spring, Rebecca Brooksher, a 28 year old mom of two, was the first graduate of a new agricultural sciences degree completion program, offered in Klamath Falls through Oregon State University and Klamath Community College.

OSU Open Campus Award of Excellence

The 2013 Oregon Open Campus Award of Excellence was presented to Jennifer Oppenlander, Open Campus Coordinator in Jefferson County, at the Open Campus Summit on Sept. 25.