Crook County's Career & College Day

August 5th, 2016
Written by Hollie Conger
Barnes Butte Assembly7"It's never too early to start thinking about what you want to do!" This is a message that Crook County's Open Campus is passionate about sharing with young people. Becky Munn, Crook County's coordinator, shares how the program reaches out to the youth in the community.

Barnes Butte Assembly8

Central Oregon Community College partnered with Open Campus to organize a Career and College Day assembly at Barnes Butte Elementary School for 5th grade students. The group also had the opportunity to tour the COCC Prineville campus. "Guest speakers included local businesses owners, a physical therapist, and the middle school principal - all born and raised in Crook County," Becky said. "Each speaker told a bit about how they became interested in what they do and how they got there."
 Barnes Butte Kpromo16gjpg
Barnes Butte Elementary Kindergarten and 5th grade students also hosted a promotion ceremony that Open Campus participated in. "The principal likes to celebrate the many promotions they will have in their lifetime," Becky said. "We like to work with our K-12 partners, whenever we can, to build relationships with parents and students in our community so they know that we are here to help!"