End of School Review from Grant County's Coordinator

July 15th, 2016

Written by Hollie Conger


College visits, after-school programming, and expansion of 4-H clubs are just some of the great things Grant County's Open Campus has done in the past few months. Open Campus Coordinator, Caleb Sturgill, shares about the expanding program below.

College Visits


Students tour Oregon State University

In collaboration with Safe Communities Coalition, Open Campus planned and attended three college visits at Eastern Oregon University, Central Oregon Community College, and Oregon State University. It is often difficult for kids from rural parts of the state to visit a college campus given the distance of travel (six hours round trip minimum from John Day). We hope to expand the outreach of our college visits next school year and continue to provide fun activities beyond a college tour. This year we tried indoor bouldering, canoeing in Bend, watched an OSU baseball game, and made pastries with a culinary class!

After-school Programming


Making parachutes for eggs to land safely!

Open Campus joined with 4-H to provide after-school/in-school programming to three schools for grades 3-6. We had six sessions at each school, and each session contained a science/engineering experiment, a physical fitness activity, and a nutritional snack that the kids made. The program was a huge success! Students and teachers alike are excited for us to come back next year!

4-H Club Expansion


Entrepreneurship club student designs a logo in the Makers Lab

Open Campus is working with 4-H to provide new club development. This spring we had a successful partnership with the OSU College of Business and a new 4-H Entrepreneurship Club. The College of Business provided student mentors and an entrepreneurship curriculum for our John Day club. Students had the opportunity to design a business model, interview local business owners, and ultimately pitch their business idea to a panel of Extension faculty at OSU with two other Entrepreneurship clubs. We began the club late in the year, but it allowed us to work out the kinks of communication and delivery of the curriculum so that we are geared up for a full launch next year!

We also have two upcoming clubs, the Explorer's club and the Multi-Media club. The Explorer's club is modeled after a successful outdoor club in Klamath County. It will offer 7th and 8th graders hiking, mountain biking and canoeing opportunities. Our first outing is July 9th for a hike to Strawberry Falls!

The Multi-Media club is a work in progress and will offer students the opportunity to learn videography, photography, and the use of editing software to help tell stories. We have a few fun projects already lined up, including a promotional video for Grant County! We are still working on the curriculum for the club as well as organizing partnerships with professionals in film and photography. We are very close to completion! Please contact Caleb at the Extension Office if you or your youth would like to be involved - (541) 575-1911 or Caleb.Sturgill@oregonstate.edu.