Juntos: Our Stories with Scott

March 18th, 2015

Meet Scott, Juntos student, high school graduate, and College Advanced Diploma student

Scott Juntos Student

“You have to go to college.” Before doing Juntos, my parents were pretty strict about saying that because they didn’t have that opportunity, and they wanted better for us. But, they didn’t know any specifics beyond “go to college.” Now, it’s no longer a vague idea for someday in the future; we talk about types of programs, options, costs, everything. We have more information.  My parents still push us to strive forward, but they’re also more supportive and easy-going at the same time. The conversation has changed. Juntos did that for us.

I am now doing the Advanced Diploma program. I never would have heard of this without Juntos, so I would say that it has affected my current success in a big and drastic way. I knew some things about what to expect in college, and I didn’t go in half-heartedly. It made the transition easier. I know I can be lazy sometimes, and I used to be pretty stubborn about college in high school; now that my whole family did Juntos, they know everything I need to do (even my youngest sister!), and they motivate me and help me. I’m glad for that family support. I’m starting to look at my next options, maybe through OSU, maybe with Americorps. I’m still figuring it all out, but there are SO many options that I have now. I want to work, and I want to travel. I heard somewhere that “Life is like a book. If you only read one page, you don’t know the full story. So keep reading.” That’s what I hope to do. And I know I’ll be ready.

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