Klamath's Support for Degree Completion

February 26th, 2016

Written by Hollie Conger


KeelyMoxley_300X300Klamath County’s Open Campus programs have been instrumental in providing student support for degree completion. For many students in Klamath Falls, completing a bachelor’s degree is becoming more doable with OSU’s Ecampus programs. More students are now choosing to continue their education through eLearning, transferring credits from community college. Partnering with Klamath Community College (KCC), Open Campus is able to provide support and mentorship for students currently completing their associate’s degree with a goal of completing a bachelor’s online. KCC and OSU Ecampus’ partnership focuses primarily on students pursuing Agricultural Science degrees.


Keely Moxley, Klamath’s Open Campus Coordinator, assists in strengthening this relationship between KCC and OSU by teaching agriculture classes led by KCC’s Keith Duren. By Keely leading agriculture class lectures, students become more familiar of who Keely is and learn ways to get connected with OSU Open Campus. Students are encouraged to meet with Keely to establish goals following degree completion. As students continue to work toward their bachelor’s degree, Keely will follow up to offer support in making their OSU experience a successful one.


This past fall, Keely invited students from the Intro to Animal Sciences class to her home to teach about pigs. Students learned about different breeds, reproductive strategies, feeding pigs, and other basics. The students also had the hands-on opportunity to give shots and castrate piglets. Earlier this month, Keely met with the students from the Beef and Dairy Industries class at the 56th Annual Klamath Bull Sale. This gave students the opportunity to understand how different management practices affect the decision-making process of purchasing a bull. Keely also introduced the class to several local producers who shared the story of their cattle operations, which gave students a different perspective of the beef industry.


To find out more about Klamath's Open Campus program, contact Keely at 541.883.7131 or keely.oswald@oregonstate.edu. Bull Sale 3