Philomath High School completes the SOMOS LATINX Curriculum

June 8th, 2018

Philomath High School is the second cohort to complete the SOMOS LATINX curriculum. The curriculum was created by Juntos State Coordinator, Ana Gomez, and facilitated by Marina Castilla-Morser, Ruth, and Yuridia Reyes. The objective of the curriculum is to offer families a series of workshops designed to work together around themes such as identity, race and culture.


The curriculum is conscious and aware of the richness and diversity of Latin America and stresses the importance of these conversations in the life of the families who have built a home in the United States. The curriculum also serves as a tool to recognize the racial, cultural, social and economic barriers of the Latinx community.


After completing the program, families planted a seed as a token of their graduation, and promised to nurture and care for the plant just like they would with their conversations around race, culture identity, their family and community.


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