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July 27th, 2018




These were all things found at the weekend STEM camp on campus at OSU cohosted by the College of Science Chemistry Department, OSU Juntos and Open Campus, and supported by OSU Precollege Programs. Nine girls and thirteen boys from various parts of Oregon, including Madras, Dayton, Hood River, Philomath, McMinnville, and Newberg participated in the second Juntos weekend STEM campus at OSU in Corvallis. It is our hope that we can continue this collaboration to host this camp annually and help inspire more students to consider STEM fields, especially chemistry.

This year students played an exciting game of Jeopardy which involved exciting explosions from balloons filled with helium, oxygen, and hydrogen. They also learned about careers in STEM and chemistry, and participated in a chromatography lab with different colored plants. One excited student stated that their favorite part of this camp was getting to stay on campus and making ice cream with liquid nitrogen. For many of these students, this was their first experience staying in college dorms, eating in a college dining hall, and experiencing what life might be like as a college student in their future.

A special thank you to Chong Fang, Miles Taylor, and Taylor Krueger, the College of Science Department of Chemistry, Pre-college Programs, Guadalupe Ruiz, and the Juntos program for all helping to make this happen.

“Thank you for the opportunity and for welcoming my son to your program and camp. He was skeptical about it and did not think he would like it. He came home very excited about college and said he enjoyed the camp and had lots of fun.” – Tanya Perez, mom

“Thank you for taking my son to the STEM camp. He had a great time and made new friends.” – Olivia Gonazalez

“This year we had a great group of students who expressed some interest in STEM prior to the camp. I think they really enjoyed their time on campus, in the dorms, in the chemistry labs, on the intramural fields, and on campus in general. This served as a great sneak peek at what it may be like to be a college student for them, and a taste for what chemistry is all about. I think that this year they really enjoyed the game of Chemistry Jeopardy that they played. Some students were very engaged and competitive during that activity.” – Jose Garcia, Juntos Program Coordinator


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