Sara Tiscareño-Kennedy Juntos Impact in the Gorge region.

“Throughout the entirety of this year, I have had the opportunity to take in the Juntos program. I was in awe of this program, because it has not been adopted in CA, where I am from. The need, though, for this type of program is growing and crucial to the success of the students in their education This program is growing more than we can keep up at times…

Scholarship Awardees in Jefferson County

Jefferson County’s Juntos program awarded scholarships to three students from the Madras and Culver cohorts. The perseverance and passion seen in each awardee is a testament to the exceptional people they are.

A Growing Program in the Gorge

41 families participated in Juntos in Hood River County and 26 families in Wasco County this year. Open Campus Coordinator, Ann Harris shares about the success that can be greatly attributed to the work of their JVC/AmeriCorps volunteer, JP Ideker!