Two Mobile STEM Camps

July 27th, 2017

OSU STEM Camp in Redmond and Sisters!

Daphne Lara

We had amazing week at both our STEM Camps hosted in Obsidian Middle School in Redmond as Sisters Middle School!

Both middle school aged students took part in each of these respective activities provided by the wonderful students of Oregon State University in Corvallis. Students took time out of their week to come down to Central Oregon and provide activities for these student to participate in. Over the course of this two-day STEM camp, the students made a wide variety of projects, such as designing solar powered cars, making speakers as well as various other activities. Many of the students were surprised about how much math they used to create these projects and how interesting it is to be in the STEM field. Some students shared that the program encouraged them to consider adopting a viable career option in the future!

Both Redmond and Sisters students concluded their STEM camp by racing the solar power cars they created, to the finish line and to work together to fix their cars if anything went wrong. It demonstrated amazing teamwork amongst students that had once not known each other.

It was a real pleasure to see these students broaden their horizons and expand their minds to future opportunities, amazing careers which they will enjoy knowing they have resources to help them accomplish their goals with support of those around them.