Grant County

Open Campus is excited to work with OSU Extension in Grant County to create programs and opportunities to support the local community in their academic and career advancement goals. Open Campus in Grant County began November 16th, 2015. We have been hard at work forming partnerships, developing programs, and pursuing youth and community development.

We are currently partnering with Safe Communities Coalition to provide college visits for rural youth. We like to combine the campus tour with extra activities that are either cultural or provide a new experience, such as indoor bouldering or engaging in a community art event. Furthermore, you will never find us at a chain restaurant! We take full advantage of being in a city and encourage the youth to diversify their food vocabulary!

Open Campus also partners with 4-H to provide new club development as well as assist with the recruitment and supervision of youth at 4-H camps and events. This year, Open Campus recruited and took youth to Experiencing Citizenship in Salem, chaperoned the Eastern Oregon Leadership Retreat at OMSI in Portland, and will be assisting with the upcoming Natural Resource Camp at Lake Creek Youth Camp. Open Campus also works with the 4-H after-school/in-school program for grades 3-6 at three local schools. The program provides six hour long sessions involving a science/engineering experiment, a physical fitness activity, and a healthy snack that the youth get to prepare. Please contact the Grant County extension office with any questions about these programs!

We are working on new 4-H clubs in order to increase the diversity of opportunities for our youth. Clubs in development include: Entrepreneurship, Multi-Media and Outdoor Explorer's. The Entrepreneurship program is in collaboration with the OSU College of business and affords youth the opportunity to work with an Entrepreneurship group on the OSU campus to develop a product or business and then compete in a shark tank event at Oregon State University with other participating schools. The Multi-Media Club will allow youth to learn film and photography by participating in community projects that tell local stories. The Explorer's Club will take youth out into our National Forest to engage in hiking, mountain biking and canoeing while learning outdoor skills such as orienteering, plant identification and archeology.

Open Campus is also working with the Chamber of Commerce to assess and expand tourism in Grant County. We are currently developing a website dedicated to tourism in Grant County, with the goal of increasing access to tourist information with a clean and friendly web presence.

Open Campus is still developing its partnerships and will continue to seek those areas where an extra set of hands will provide growth for our youth and our community.

To get involved, please contact Didgette McCracken at or 541-575-1911

Our Grant County office is located at: OSU Extension, 530 E. Main Street Ste. 10, John Day, OR 97845.