Are you a Native American, Alaska Native or Native Hawaiian student in an undergraduate natural science program?


Indigenous students participating in summer internships in natural sciences are eligible to receive a funding supplement of $3,000 - $5,000.


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Internships are expected to last a minimum of 8 weeks advancing the student’s understanding of their field of study through experiential learning.

Interns will be mentored by either the employer, supervisor, a faculty member, or other expert.  Mentors will be expected to attend a culturally-informed mentor training provided by OSU for free.  All NBTS interns and participating mentors will meet as a cohort periodically during the summer. 

Application deadline is April 12, 2024.      APPLY HERE 

Participating students may also apply for an additional $1000 scholarship through this program once internships are completed.

This is an annual opportunity 2021-2024. Students will be encouraged to stay engaged with the program and may serve as program ambassadors and or peer mentors.



Internship Supplement Eligibility

Student requirements:

  • Self-identify as Native American, Alaska Native or Native Hawaiian
  • Enrolled at OSU or SWOCC
  • Undergraduate student
  • Be majoring in, or planning to major in, a natural science, including physical and life sciences. Priority will be given to agriculture and natural resources management fields, but all natural science majors are encouraged to apply. (Application takes 15 minutes.) 
  • Have an existing summer internship plan (8 weeks or more), or
    • If you need help developing or securing an internship position, contact the Program Manager for assistance

Internships may be served with off-campus organizations, non-profits, industries as well as campus-based programs and research labs. 

OSU students: This funding does not require that interns earn academic credit for the internship.

SWOCC students: This funding does require that interns earn academic credit for the internship and serve at least 90 hours. 






APPLY HERE for financial assistance for science conference expenses. 


NEW!!  Native American student scholarships

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NBTS is not designed to develop the internships.

Rather, students may explore internships Here!

Explore our NBTS CULTURAL AWARENESS and MENTOR resources.
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NBTS Coordinators

Reach out to find out more about these opportunities!


Bessie Joyce

New Beginnings for Tribal Students Program Manager

Contact Bessie


Jeff Sherman

Open Campus Program Leader


Contact Jeff


Diana Kaljumagi

New Beginnings for Tribal Students Coordinator, Southwestern Oregon Community College

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Internship resources and opportunities:

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