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College Life  | Financial Aid and Offers | Trades, Apprenticeships, CTE's | Transferring Between Colleges

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Oregon State's Open Campus second College Talk Tuesday. Topics we go over include about living on campus with current students, what options they have after their first year, how they finance college, and more!

What Is Going to College Like?

Housing During College

College Fun and Extracurriculars

Financing College

Student Q&A



College Talk Tuesday #4, where we discuss applying for FAFSA, financing college, taking student loans, receiving scholarships and grants, and other strategies to help reduce the cost of going to college.



FAFSA Verification

Dual Enrollment

Comparing Schools

College Work Study

College Scholarships

Student Loans

College Grants



In this week's talk we go over Trade and Technical school opportunities that can be a lower cost alternative to a 4-year university. Later in the video we have a presentation and will hear from a Cosmetology and Electrician student.

Life Safety

Electrician Apprenticeship


Career Technical Education

Applied Tech & Apprenticeships

Agricultural Sciences


Transferring Between Colleges

In this College Talk Tuesday, Open Campus Coordinators Ann Harris and Ezequiel Lopez Reyes discuss transferring colleges; how to plan for transferring, the advantages to transferring in college, things to be aware of when wanting to transfer and steps needed to transfer.

Dual Enrollment (Degree Partnership Program)

Creating an Education Plan

Transferring FAQs

University Housing

In this College Talk, our panelists give insight on how to prepare for life on campus during your first year in college. How to find a room that suits your needs, finding roommates to spend your first year with, and some of the amenities on campus available for students.

Roommate Selection Tips

Living On Campus & Student Experiences

Final Thoughts & Questions

Summer Internships

In this College Talk, our speakers go over summer internship opportunities, what requirements must be met, where you can go to find information about internships, and some alternatives for jobs to make money during the summer.

Summer Job Opportunities

What are Summer Internships

Internship Experience

Resources for finding Internships

Equipping for First Year of College

In this College Talk Tuesday our speakers talk about what to expect, and how to prepare for students first year at University. We will cover how new Oregon State students will register for their first quarter, how to attend virtual START, as well as some of the things they will need to bring with them in their dorms and "Nice to Haves" while living on campus.

Online Registration & Virtual Start

College Technology

Dorm Preparation

College Checklist

Ballin' On a Budget

In this College Talk Tuesday, or speakers give insight into way that students can save money when on campus. How to plan out finances for your time on campus, ways to save money without making too many sacrifices, and University sponsored events to help save money, and opportunities to make some more money on the side.

Budget Tracking

Great Ways to Save

Increasing Income

Projecting Income & Expenses

Life Beyond School

College Extracurriculars 

In this weeks College Talk Tuesday our speakers discuss Extracurricular opportunities available to students at University. This includes activities such as intramural sports, clubs and hobby groups, and opportunities for students to start their own clubs.

Intramural Sports

Recreational Sports

College Clubs

On Campus Job Opportunities


Tips for Parents of Students                  going to College

In this College Talk Tuesday our speakers discuss some of the things that parents of college students will need to help their student with during their time a t university, and some of the ways they can help their student get used to college life.

Oregon State University Deadlines

Financial Aid

First Year on Campus

Resources on Campus

What is FERPA?

College Readiness and Retention

Registering for Classes

College Talk Tuesday #13 In this College Talk Tuesday, Our speakers go over how new students will be registering for classes, the deadlines they will have to successfully register, a step by step guide for registering for a class, and how to add and drop classes from their schedule.

Registration Deadlines

Finding Community College Classes

Dual Enrollment & Degree Partnership

Student Support Programs

In this weeks College Talk Tuesday # 14 we have several special guests from different student support groups, that each give an in-depth description about their respective group, what they do, and the opportunity for new students at Oregon State to join their communities.

Support Programs Q&A

Peter Wilkinson Community Engagement

Gabby Garcia PCC CAMP Program

Janet Nishihara Educational Opportunities


Sarah Garcia Centro Cultural Cesar Chavez

Andrea Flores OSU CAMP Program