Juntos Ignites Goals Across Oregon, Closing the Achievement Gap for Latino Students and Their Families

Juntos, meaning “together” in Spanish, is an OSU Open Campus program that empowers Latino youth to finish high school, and arms them with the tools, inspiration, and opportunity to pursue higher education.

This program has helped hundreds of students set a new course for themselves and their families. Juntos provides middle and high school workshops, campus visits, financial aid help, ongoing support, and many other resources.

Coordinator José García tells a story of a McMinnville student from a single-parent family that felt lost heading out of high school. He had no plan, but felt the weight of the tremendous responsibility to guide his younger siblings and help support his household. This is one of many predicaments Oregon Latino youth live with everyday.

José García | OSU Open Campus and Juntos Program Coordinator, Yamhill County

Today, because of Juntos, this student has graduated high school and is starting college soon, driven to become a law enforcement officer. He now has a plan and a passion, and is a role model for his siblings to have the same. This is just one of 2,500 Oregon families whose lives and futures have been transformed by the Juntos program. These families already have the drive to achieve; Juntos just provides a bridge.

To support Juntos and help close the achievement gap, contact Ana Gomez, ana.gomez@oregonstate.edu, or donate today!

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