Juntos (meaning “together” in Spanish) works to empower families around education. Uniting with community partners to provide culturally relevant programming for 8-12th grade students and their parents, Juntos is designed to provide families with knowledge, skills, and resources to prevent youth from dropping out of high school, and to encourage families to work together to gain access to college.


Juntos started in 2007 at North Carolina State University (NCSU). In 2012 Oregon State University brought the program to Oregon communities and Latino families to come together as a support group especially designed to motivate students to continue their education after graduating from High School.

To date, our sites boast 100% high school graduation rates and 92% post- secondary access. With help from the Ford Family Foundation, we were able to expand to new schools in Central,Coastal and Eastern Oregon and implement a research system.

Juntos program includes:

Parent/Family Involvement 5-week for Middle School and 6-week workshop series for High School: increase collaboration between families and school districts, increase high school graduation and empower families to pursue higher education.

Parent/Family Involvement follow-up monthly family nights: Generate spaces for family and community engagement.

Advising Hours / After-school Clubs: community service, college applications and financial aid, Leadership Development, cultural activities.

College visits, summer camps and college/ program connections (Including OSU Juntos Family Day).


En español

Juntos convoca a la comunidad para llevar a los estudiantes de 8 a 12 grado y a sus familias un programa culturalmente relevante. Está diseñado para empoderar a las familias a través del conocimiento, habilidades y recursos no sólo para prevenir que los jóvenes abandonen la escuela sino también para motivar a las familias a trabajar juntas por el camino a la educación superior.

Actualmente Juntos trabaja con 4 componentes:

Talleres de 5 - 6 semanas para la escuela secundaria y preparatoria: el programa trabaja con las familias y las instituciones para motivar la participación colectiva en la vida escolar de los jóvenes y continuar el camino a la educación superior

Seguimiento al proceso familiar con reuniones, eventos y actividades mensuales

Clubes después de la escuela y mentoría a los estudiantes: clubes de estudio, servicio comunitario, aplicaciones a becas y universidades, actividades de liderazgo y culturales

Visita a las universidades, campamentos y programas de conexión con las universidades.


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