¡OSU Juntos día de familia!


¡Mira el video del último día en familia! / Watch the video from the last family day! →

¡O aprenda más sobre el impacto de los días familias en este video de la directora estatal de Juntos, Gina! / Or learn more about the impact of family days in this video from Statewide Juntos Director, Gina!


Resumen de OSU Juntos Día de familia: Sábado, 20 de Mayo 2023. ¡Un gran exito! /

Recap from OSU Juntos Family Day: Saturday, May 20, 2023. A huge success!

2023’s OSU Juntos Family Day, a culturally relevant college visit that features information about higher education, brought 1200 students and family members together from across the state to experience the colleges, programs, support, and resources that OSU has to offer. Attendees came from 70 middle and high schools across the state who attended this event, where the driving goal is to give families a snapshot of college life and build upon the Juntos tradition of offering community-based preparation, educational pathways, and culturally relevant programming. 

The event offered sessions and tours in Spanish throughout the day from: 12 OSU Colleges, 5 Community Colleges, OSU Financial Aid and Scholarships, Admissions, Athletics, current OSU students/parents, 20+ OSU student support units/programs, and facility tours. The Juntos program partnered this year with other Extension programs in the event, including KidSpirit to offer a day camp for younger siblings and numerous programs that tabled and offered afternoon activities, such as Outdoor School, 4-H, and Snap-Ed. The day concluded in a culturally responsive celebration with Mariachis, activities, piñatas and a visit from Benny Beaver.  

After attending Juntos Family Day, 83% of parents surveyed agreed that their child could finish college and complete a degree, and 79% agreed that their child could have family support to attend college. Among middle and high school students surveyed, 87% agreed that they could see themselves as a college student and 87% agreed that Juntos family day made them feel like belong at college. Following family day 82% of youth said they likely to attend any four-year college, with 77% saying they would attend OSU. Participants also appreciated the social and cultural aspects of Juntos Family Day: 85% of youth agreed that they want to see Latinx culture represented at college and 87% of parents agreed that their child would have a good college experience as a Latinx student.   


¡Gracias, patrocinadores!

Gracias a todos los que hacen posible este evento, incluidos todos nuestros programas y colegios asociados y, especialmente, nuestros patrocinadores /Thank you to everyone making this event possible, including all of our partnering programs and colleges, and—especially—our sponsors:

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Gina Galaviz YapGina Galaviz Yap

   Statewide Juntos Director
   Cell: 541-720-0428


AmandaBielenbergAmanda Bielenberg-Hayes

   Event Manager
   Cell: 503-970-7399

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