OSU Transfer Support Directory

Need help finding who to contact at OSU to get your questions answered? Here is a list of the best point of contacts at OSU. 



College of Agricultural Sciences

Michelle McAllaster, Head Advisor
Phone: 541-737-5817|
Email: michelle.mcallaster@oregonstate.edu
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College of Business

Caiden Marcus, Academic Advisor
Phone: 541-224-5316 | Email: caiden.marcus@oregonstate.edu 
Main line: 541-737-2551
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Transfer info: business.oregonstate.edu/advising/transfer-credit-tables


College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

Erin Lieuallen, Academic Advisor
Phone: 541-737-1267 | Email: erin.lieuallen@oregonstate.edu 
Main line: 541-737-3504
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Transfer info: ceoas.oregonstate.edu/future/transfer/guides/oregon/ 


College of Education

Jason Tena-Encarnacion, Academic Advisor
Phone: 541-737-2998 | Email: tenaencj@oregonstate.edu   
Main line: 541-737-4661
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Transfer info: education.oregonstate.edu/education-double-degree-transfer-guides 


College of Engineering

Cate Olson, Transfer Student Advisor
Phone: 541-737-1206 | Email: cate.olson@oregonstate.edu
Main line: 877-257-5182
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Transfer info: engineering.oregonstate.edu/advising


College of Forestry

Nicole Kent, Head Advisor
Phone: 541-207-3580 | Email: nicole.kent@oregonstate.edu 
Main line: 541-737-4316
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Transfer info: undergrad.forestry.oregonstate.edu/future-students/transfer-students-0 


College of Liberal Arts

Tristen Shay, Associate Director of Student Services
Phone: 541-737-2656 | Email: tristen.shay@oregonstate.edu 
Main line: 541-737-0561
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Transfer info: liberalarts.oregonstate.edu/content/transfer-majors


Nicole Wolf, Psychology Transfer Coordinator (Portland Center and Transfer)
Phone: 541-737-1369 | Email: nicole.wolf@oregonstate.edu 
Transfer info: liberalarts.oregonstate.edu/psychology/undergraduate-psychology


College of Public Health & Human Sciences

Gina Cavanaugh, Transfer Advisor (Portland Center and Transfer)
Phone: 541-737-8900 | Email: gina.cavanaugh@oregonstate.edu 
Main line: 541-737-3220
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Transfer info: health.oregonstate.edu/advising/transfer-students/guides


College of Science

Melissa Lee, Transfer Student Advisor
Phone: 541-737-3854 | Email: melissa.lee@oregonstate.edu 
Main line: 541-737-3854
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Transfer info: science.oregonstate.edu/node/155


College of Pharmacy

Lacey Smyth, Portland Student Engagement
Phone: 541-737-3255 | Email: lacey.smyth@oregonstate.edu 
Main line: 541.737.3424
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Transfer info: pharmacy.oregonstate.edu/pharm-d-prerequisites  


Honors College

Rebekah Lancelin, Academic Advisor
Phone: 541-737-6414Email: rebekah.lancelin@oregonstate.edu 
Main line: 541-737-6400 
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Transfer info: honors.oregonstate.edu/you-apply


University Exploratory Studies Program

Kerry Kincanon, Head Advisor/Director
Phone: 541-737-8144Email: UESP.Advisor@oregonstate.edu 
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Advancing Academic Equity for Student Success (AAESS)

Jason Dorsette, Director
Phone: 541-737-6341Email: student.affairs@oregonstate.edu 
More information: https://studentaffairs.oregonstate.edu/AAESS


Degree Partnership Program 

Rick DeBellis, Associate Director
Phone: 541-737-2790Email: rick.debellis@oregonstate.edu 
More information: partnerships.oregonstate.edu

José Ceja Garibay, Transfer Student Services Manager 
Phone: 541-737-2562 | Email: jose.cejagaribay@oregonstate.edu 


Disability Access Services

Earlee Kerekes-Mishra, Academic Advisor
Phone: 541-737-4986Email: disability.services@oregonstate.edu 
Main line: 541-737-4098
Disability Access Services info: ds.oregonstate.edu/


Ecampus, OSU's Online Program

Rebeka Phelps, Student Success Counselor
Phone: 541-737-2436Email: rebeka.phelps@oregonstate.edu 
Main line: 541-737-9204 
More information: ecampus.oregonstate.edu


Equal Opportunities Program (EOP)

Courtney Garcia, Academic Counselor 
Phone: 541-737-3922Email: courtney.garcia@oregonstate.edu 
More information: eop.oregonstate.edu/ 


International Student Affairs

Nova Ferguson, Assistant Director, International Student Success
Phone: 541-737-3006Email: OIS.scholar@oregonstate.edu 
Main line: 541-737-6310
More information: international.oregonstate.edu/ois/contact


New Student Programs & Family Outreach

Leslee Mayers, Director  
Phone: 541-737-7627Email: Leslee.Mayers@oregonstate.edu 
More information: newstudents.oregonstate.edu/


OSU Transfer Student Support - On-Campus/Current OSU Transfer Students  

Erin Mulvey, Transfer Transitions Coordinator
Phone: 541-737-4742Email: erin.mulvey@oregonstate.edu 
More information: transfer.oregonstate.edu


TRiO Student Support Services

Sandi Hunt, Program Assistant
Phone: 541-737-3628Email: trio.sss@oregonstate.edu 
More information: trio-sss.oregonstate.edu/